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Citizens put their trust in their country every day. Countries need to be transparent and noncorrupt for their citizens, but some countries fail to do so. There are other countries, however, that remain as transparent as possible to their citizens. Based on the feedback and reviews of citizens through Country RepTrak, these are the least corrupt countries around the world:



Sweden has always held a top spot as one of the world’s most reputable countries. It stays so reputable due to their sustainability initiatives and efforts to protect the environment. Sweden became the first country in the world to create an environmental protection agency. Since then, living green has been the country’s top priority which is most appreciated by its citizens. The country is also a major supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, has taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Syrian Civil War, and strives for gender equality. Sweden has never held a spot lower than the fifth place as one of the most reputable countries and for good reason.



Finland has a strong reputation as being one of the happiest places on earth. The country is peaceful safe, citizens have a high life expectancy, and the quality of life is unbeatable. For tourists and citizen’s Finland is the safest country on earth. Their government also remains very transparent to their citizens. Not only does Finland have high GDP per capita and low inequality rates, but they also prioritize human rights and freedom of information. Their education system is also one of the best in the world. It’s no wonder tourists and citizens have fallen in love with Finland.



Another country taking one of the top spots is Switzerland. Because of their progressive social and environmental policies, they have remained incredibly reputable. The standard of living in Switzerland is also very high. Unlike most countries, the streets do not have beggars, crime is low, and their water and food are clean and of top quality. Switzerland has high pay with low taxes and a great balance between work and life. The education system in Switzerland is mostly free to Swiss college and universities for undergrad and master studies. They also aim to have live green and keep their carbon emissions as low as possible.

What most of these countries have in common is their effort to improve their citizen’s quality of life. They want the citizens to be as happy as possible and make incredible efforts to do just that. Other countries should look to Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland as an example of how to remain transparent and reputable.